Alitech Website Solutions

Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Alitech Website Solutions
Est. 2018
Sh. Rashidov 64-uy, Jizzax, 130100
Transport and logistics
Mobile application development
Web design
Online Shops, online platforms
Web programming
Website layout
Website support and development
User interface design

Alitech Website Solutions is a creative company based in Djizak city. The company specialized in web development, mobile app, CRM systems and also offers graphic designing and digital marketing services.

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  • Carpet King

    This is a CRM application for carpet stores. The client did not have any system to keep track of his profit, expenses, and remaining items in the store. And we built him a system to manage these all in one place.

  • Foss

    This is a customer credit management tool for stores. Foss is another CRM that manages all customer and their payment details where store owners let their product as a monthly fee.

  • TurboSale

    This is an e-commerce application. TurboSale is the recent e-commerce platform where the client will take online orders from customers online

  • JTSI

    JTSI – Journal Of Technical Science And Innovation. This is a online scientific journal project for local university where they publish scientific articles as a journal every month.

  • Vector Moving

    The Most Reliable Moving Company in New Jersey. Creating fully functional website to attract customers for relocation services. This project was built from scratch and fully customized with the client’s request.


    Startup / July 1, 2020

    This is a CRM system for private education centers that helps to manage students, teachers info and payments. - Effective Management - Accessing Real-Time Data About Students And Teachers. - SMS notifications - Sending Notifications For Due Payments. - Adaptive Design - Adaptive Design Across All Types Of Devices. - Analysis - Accurate Analysis Of Changes. - Easy to Use - Easy To Understand And Use. - Flexible Plans - Pricing Plans Targeted On Your Needs.