Senior Full Stack Web Developer & Team Lead

General information about the employer

Senior Full Stack Web Developer & Team Lead
Updated: 02/29/2024

Work style
Employment type
Remote Work
3000 EUR dan boshlab
Full Time
Website development
Software development
Mobile development


We are searching for a senior full stack web developer that is also expected to be a responsible team lead to drive our internal and client projects with high quality deliverables and long-term innovation.
We expect you to have at least 4 years of relevant experience, to be familiar with the below-mentioned technologies and frameworks, and have relevant soft skills in order to act as a team lead.
We use English as our primary language for communication. We expect you to have at least a B2 level of English.

Location & Remote Work
We plan our operations using the Central European Time (CET). Holidays and vacations are also planned according to the Slovak public holidays calendar.

Technologies & Frameworks

JavaScript - expert
TypeScript - expert
React.js - advanced
React Native - intermediate, optional
Next.js - intermediate
Node.js - advanced
Nest.js - intermediate
Express.js - intermediate
GraphQL - advanced
Nexus.js - intermediate, optional
gRPC - intermediate, optional
TypeORM - advanced
Prisma ORM - advanced
PostgreSQL - advanced

Core Concepts

Web APIs
Authentication and authorization
Web security
CLI tools and UNIX shell scripting
Microservices architecture
Kubernetes and horizontal scaling of infrastructure
Legacy code refactoring

Soft Skills

Effective communication
Strong leadership
Empathy and emotional intelligence
Conflict resolution
Team building and collaboration
Time management and organization
Coaching and mentoring


Flexible working hours - no strict 9 to 5.
Paid vacation and sick days.
Friendly and supportive team including management.
Weekly gaming sessions.

About our company

UNIIT ( is a software development company based in Bratislava, Slovakia. We primarily focus on web and mobile application development. We also have partners abroad and practice outsourcing for external projects.

Working with us comes with great flexibility. We don’t enforce 9 to 5 working hours, and office attendance is optional for most cases. We have fixed status calls and occasional ad-hoc meetings, so we primarily expect you to be present at those.

Communication is the most crucial part of teamwork, so we expect you to be open about your work-related problems and continually provide feedback to other team members.

Beyond the aforementioned, all we want from you is to enjoy your work. Being a web developer these days is truly exciting, and we want you to be part of this journey with us, as we discover new horizons and possibilities.



As a senior developer, you can expect to work on and lead various projects. Your responsibilities will include:
Actively participate in the development process:
Implement new features
Resolve issues with existing functionalities
Participate in code reviews and daily stand-ups.
Collaborate with other team members, openly give and receive feedback.
Plan and delegate development tasks and priorities.
Help and motivate the development team:
Conduct consultations to help resolve technical issues
Advocate for clean and maintainable codebase
Discuss and plan long-term refactoring and technology upgrade plans.
Onboard new team members and mentor junior developers.


Flexible working hours