Farhod Furkatov

Farhod Furkatov


I am a tech entrepreneur with a passion to deliver quality tech solutions to businesses and people. My journey to the tech world started with entry to the Data world. My curiosity to find insights into the business through data and understand how we can make better decisions brought me to the startup world.
I have started my startup in the Wellness space and participated in many accelerators; made lots of connections and worked as an advisor with many other startups. I have worked with companies such as Atlassian, Yeti, GlobalAgilitySolutions, as a consultant and partnered up with them in their projects.
Currently, the app we have built helps thousands of people to be more active and changes their lives.
Since moving to Tashkent I have worked in one of the largest companies in Uzbekistan and started my own Tech company.
Currently, in our company Fastech we are building a team of young promising talents, as well as working on several digital products.
Also, I have a social project called goodly.uz, where we are building a platform to motivate people to live active and healthy lifestyles.



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