Aleksey Zuev

Senior Technology Expert (DevOps)
Aleksey Zuev
Senior Technology Expert (DevOps)

Integrated solutions


Senior Technology Expert
Building a monitoring and logging system to ensure monitoring of about 10 products in Industrial operation. Cluster solutions were applied: Grafana / Prometheus+VictoriaMetrics / Goalert. Also, integration with Zabbix for the shift on duty was carried out.
Implementation of Istio-based ServiceMesh technology in new products. Ensuring the storage of Kubernetes secrets in a secret storage system based on the Hashikorp Vault.
Assist teams in building a CI/CD tunnel to ensure critical updates are delivered to the user.
Application of best security practices for all supported infrastructures based on ECS (various Linux systems), Kubernetes and VMware infrastructures.
Configuring and providing infrastructure for development teams at the stands of the SberCloud (HuaweiCloud) platforms, (Main Tech stck Ansible, Terraform).
Deploy and integration of authorization systems (Nginx proxy + Keycloak) with various products under development
Maintaining stands DNS servers, issuing and updating stand security certificates (SSL).

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  • Senior Technology Expert (DevOps)


    Dec. 1, 2021 - None